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Jemmila Leaders

Jemmila Leaders is a series in which our followers can read about inspiring Muslim women from different educational and professional backgrounds. The aim of Jemmila Leaders is to inspire, engage and empower women all around the world. We rarely read about the incredibly talented, successful and inspiring Muslim women that are change makers in their communities around the world. We would like to change that by uplifting these women and sharing their inspiring stories through our interview series Jemmila Leaders.

Meet our latest Jemmila Leader  Fadhillah Norzahari

Jemmila Leaders - Yassmin Abdel Magied



Do you want to nominate yourself or someone you consider is suitable to become Jemmila Leader? Please fill in the form below and perhaps you or the person you nominate will receive a spot in our Jemmila Leaders series. We are interested to hear and learn more from Muslim women, positive role models, trailblazers, who inspire others to be pioneers of change. If you want to be one of our upcoming Jemmila Leaders or you would like to nominate another Muslim woman, please do so by using the contact form below and specify who you are nominating (yourself or another person) along with a motivation. 

How to nominate

If you are nominating yourself : Please write your contact details and motivation in the message field on why you are a Jemmila Leader. Tell us your briefly, your background, career and ambition. If you have a blog or featured in any newspapers, we welcome you to include the link in your presentation. 

We take also in nominations through  the hashtag #jemmilaleaders

 If you are nominating another Muslim woman:  Leave her contact details in the message  (we need full name, phone and email) along with motivation on why we should pick her and you are welcome to include any links to blogs/newspapers featuring the nominee. Make sure that you leave your contact details in the normal field.  Any questions feel free to send us an email